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Join a group of Business Advisors who are working with Business Owners and Accountants to help the face the challenge of changing markets and the desire to grow.

Your Opportunity

  • SMEs want to develop and grow to a point where they can sell their business for what it is really worth
  • SMEs see their Accountant as a trusted advisor
  • Accountants don’t have the breadth of business knowledge to satisfy their client needs (Sales, Marketing, Service, HR, Legal, Operations, cyber security, exit strategy, etc)
  • Business Advisors do have the breadth of business knowledge required

It makes sense for Accountants and Business Advisors to work together.

All Business Advisors know that there are key numbers in every business that need to be understood and monitored.

Business Advisors also know that these are often difficult to establish and work on as many clients don’t have the data easily to hand.

To find out more request our information pack and in addition we will provide you with two other useful E-Books, plus we will provide musical equipment lessons to children in the UK and Northern Ireland via out association with B1G1 as our way of saying thank you for your interest.

At Business Advisor we have designed and developed a short training programme to help all Business Advisors understand and use the financial data of a client to help them develop and grow.

The ‘commercially focussed’ financial training you will receive is the same as is delivered to Accountants and Finance Directors but with the emphasis on you the Business Advisor. It gives you the skills and knowledge to provide your clients the financial support they need and frequently don’t get from anyone else, including their Accountant.

The good news is that the world of Accountancy is going through dramatic change, compliance work, their “bread & butter” is fading as companies move to cloud based accounting and report direct to HMRC, Therefore they need to change or die and the smart ones are moving to “Advisory Services”.
Accountants need help to establish new centres of excellence and the business support programmes that will be critical to their success, your success becomes a natural spin off of your Accountant Client’s success.

We will show how you can help Accountants navigate the changes that are impacting the profession to emerge stronger and with better client relationships than ever before. And in so doing you will also become the natural ‘go to’ advisor for Business Advice that goes beyond taxation and pure finance.

Get In Touch

“In common with many Business Advisors I found myself with time on my hands during lockdown.

Keen to use the time wisely I filled the time with CPD.

A particular bugbear of mine, no matter how good the accounting software or Accountant’s input, has previously-been the difficulty in obtaining current comprehensive financial data to help my clients understand “what is happening now”. Everything was “history” and didn’t provide in depth analysis that helped identify trends both positive and negative that enabled me to optimise Company performance for clients.

However during lockdown I found a brand new course that provided exactly the in-depth analysis I hoped for and I can now deliver comprehensive, FD quality reporting to my delighted clients and better news still is my fee income from the service will deliver an ROI in weeks and my clients have a service worth much more than they pay.

Definitely a wise investment.”

David Lee – Business Advisor with UKBA

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