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A twelve-week programme consisting of:

  • 24 hours of high value ‘commercially focused’ expert financial training.
  • Regular 1-2-1 support.
  • Access to additional education webinars provided by and our clients.
  • A full suite of support material including presentations, “playbooks” and videos.
  • Knowledge Base and LMS logon to consolidate and test understanding.
  • Commercial and sales collateral to help you monetise your expertise.
  • The opportunity to work with our existing Accountancy clients.

The next programme:

Starts:   Thursday 11th March 09:30am to 10:30am
Then:     Every Thursday and Monday for 12 weeks

All sessions are recorded and available via the dedicated programme Knowledge Base so you can catch up on any sessions missed and recap on material covered when necessary.

Why do I need expert financial training?

To answer this question, we need to know what problem we are solving.

Three scenarios

  1. Accountants: Understand compliance and tax, but training on how to apply financial analysis, reporting and forecasting to deliver real world business bottom line impact.
  2. Finance Directors: Understand finance and business but analysis and reporting takes up to 50% of their time so they need training to use the reporting in practice.
  3. Business Advisors: Typically best placed to identify the changes needed to improve business performance and with financial training, can take the part time FD role too.

The ‘commercially focussed’ expert financial training you will receive is the same as is delivered to Accountants and Finance Directors. It gives you the skills and knowledge to provide your clients the financial support they need and frequently don’t get from anyone else.

If you want to work with Accountants you don’t need an accountancy background or be a financial guru, you need to know your way around the financial reports and models, an FD would use which becomes the launch platform for your success.

Accountancy Practices are unlike just about any other business you will ever work with. You will need to understand how they really operate and what makes then different.

The world of accountancy has been much the same for the past 300 years but change is now inevitable and the partners and the people working in the practice must change to survive.

We will show how you can help accountants navigate the changes that are impacting the profession to emerge stronger and with better client relationships than ever before. And in so doing you will also become the natural ‘go to’ advisor for Business Advice that goes beyond taxation and pure finance.

As a competent Business Advisor helping businesses navigate change will be second nature for you. Accountants will need help and support in developing their value-add financial business support activities. This will include overcoming internal resistance and preparing their team members for a ‘new conversation and relationship with clients’.

Accountants need establishing new centres of excellence and the business support programmes that will be critical to their success, your success becomes a natural spin off of your Accountant Client’s success.

The programme – delivered over 12 weeks:

  • Engaging, Agreeing the ROI and Setting Success Criteria from Day One
  • Critical Universal KPIs and the Universal Business Growth Drivers
  • Get an In-Depth Business Understanding in Less than 5 minutes
  • The ‘Conversation’ Become Indispensable Agree Commercials
  • Creating a Credible Profit and Loss Forecast Part 1 of 2
  • Creating a Credible Profit and Loss Forecast Part 2 of 2
  • Real World Planning and How to Obtain Business Finance
  • From Dust Trap to Alchemist – Reporting Actual vs Plan+
  • If I Give You £10 and ask for £1 Back, How Many £10’s Do You Want?
  • Quick Wins Cost Savings Deliver an Instant ROI
  • Business Intelligence Answering All The Other Questions
  • Putting It All Together – From DIY to DFY and Become Indispensable

If you are an Accountant, FD or a generalist Business Advisor like me, I strongly recommend you invest time to explore the VFD Pro reports and growth models, not just the technical detail, but how to apply it in the real world and discuss with clients.

The facts speak for themselves. With my new skills and knowledge, I don’t think my clients ever need to employ a part time FD or pay their Accountant for Management Reports because I can now do it all for them.

Any Business Advisor who does take this opportunity to learn how to deliver such amazingly in depth, but easy to use Management Information must be mad, I now know what Business Intelligence really looks like and ‘yes’ that is part of the system too.

The ROI is a no-brainer, just do it!

David Lee – Business Advisor with UKBA

Accountants will typically deal with significant numbers of clients. VFD Pro provides rapid access to that data and the secrets they reveal so that the Accountant or Business Advisor can concentrate on the explanation of what this means and discuss what action should be taken. Time spent on the “donkey work” is minimised and benefit to client, practice or adviser maximised.

More importantly the tools can be used to extrapolate future performance and decisions made as to how to progress in the desired direction. Based on those decisions a sustainable and realistic business plan can be generated and future performance measured against plan. VFD Pro can even be used to create a standalone Funding Application using the CAMPARI mnemonic beloved by lenders.

We all know that plans may be out of date the moment that “print” is pressed so the VFD Pro suite allows for regular revision and reappraisal to be carried out rapidly in the light of actual performance and changing factors affecting the business.

VFD Pro have, in my opinion, come up with a winner and in real terms a Win, Win, Win situation for all! I will be using it and looking forward to introducing it to professional colleague in both the Accounting and Advisory fields and where desired, supporting them in its implementation and use.

Jeremy Webb – Business Advisor with SatNav for Business

Additional Support:

  • Group mentoring plus peer support helps you address questions and to allows you to practice newly acquired skills with the support of colleagues.
  • Joint presentations/meetings with potential Accountancy prospects and clients.
  • Registration with VFD-Pro as a partner – To ensure in perpetuity introducers fees in respect of any introductions generated from your activities.


  • Registration with for in perpetuity introducers fees in respect of any introductions made generated from your activities.
  • Content you can use to present your services to clients and / or in support of accountants on your website and in other media.
  • Email Marketing and social media content templates you can use in your own marketing.

Your investment options:

Option 1: Single payment of £2,850

Option 2: 3 monthly payments of £ 995

Option 3: 12 monthly payments of £ 285

Fees are payable monthly in advance and subject to VAT.

Return On Investment
Unlike other Business Advisor training offers we do not make crazy promises about the extraordinary money will you make because we don’t know what you charge for your services, we don’t know what those services consist of or what you will do after the 12 weeks.

No quibble 100% money back guarantee:

If after your first 4 weeks on the 12 Week Managerial Finance Mastery Programme you are not absolutely delighted with your investment and totally convinced of the value you well enjoy as a return, just say so and we will refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

What we can promise
If you follow this programme and make use of the extensive support on offer, you will establish relationships with Accountants who need help to adapt and address the challenges facing the Accounting Profession. This will lead to opportunities for introductions to those of their clients who need help, and who knows where that could lead?

Charlie McClelland | Business Advisor

The course is delivered very enthusiastically. It’s got very good supporting materials for us to review and to do our homework. It’s good that it starts on time which is a bit of a rarity, and it’s a very nice, friendly bunch, both the presenters and the cohort. It will allow me to engage more effectively with accountants so that they can grow their business and in turn I can grow my business. They say what they have to say, they check our understanding, if we want to ask questions we do, and any questions asked are always answered fully.

Dermot O’Kane | Business Finance Specialist

The course has benefitted our business very well; the easiest thing I can say is that, with the information we receive, it gives us the confidence to speak to our target market.

David Lee | Business Advisor

This is a genuinely impressive and game-changing opportunity which will significantly help me in my role as a Business Advisor & Growth Strategist. The door opening potential will ensure I remain busy and my clients happy, wealthy, and definitely wiser

Whether you simply want referrals to select clients, (after establishing your professional working relationships with Accountants), and / or going on to establish Joint Ventures to run Business Mastermind Groups with and on behalf of Accountants, you will inevitably enjoy a significant return on your investment.

Where can I make my money?

  • Consulting and advisory work you undertake with the Accountant and their clients.
  • Delivery of workshops based on your expertise for Accountants and their clients.
  • Introducers Fees from any introductions to our Joint Venture Partners
  • Income from other related service suppliers creating new opportunities and additional revenue.

The much bigger picture

For the right Business Advisor and the right Accountant, we will create a Joint Venture* company with the Accountant to create a legacy business that has tangible equity value way beyond the equity built up by the vast majority of Business Advisors.

*This is the model that has been successfully deployed with Accountants already.

The next 12 Week Managerial Finance Mastery Programme starts soon. To discover if you qualify for a place on the programme and to get more detail simply use this link to book a 1-2-1 call with Ray Watson

PS – Last week I spoke to a Business Advisor who had paid in the region of £30,000 for a training and development programme. After the training, the prospecting and conversion to sales is left to the Business Advisor. In a tough market, with a lot of competition and low brand awareness. For just £2,850 you will receive the training, assistance with prospecting (at no extra cost), sales presentations and help securing sales.

So, if you have £30,000 to spare put £27,150 into a savings account and join us to enjoy a rapid return on your investment. Makes sense to me!


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