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Business Advisors look no further for a solution to your business growth challenges.

Probably the biggest issue facing Business Advisors is to Find, Get, Keep and Develop clients. The traditional ways are dying out. Cold Calling (urgh!), face to face networking (not allowed), sending mass emails (GDPR) etc.

We know that there are thousands of businesses that need advice, guidance and support right now but how do you find them and more importantly once found how can you develop the relationship into fee paying activity?

At Business Advisor we have been working on programmes that address this exact need and along with our Joint Venture partners we believe we have the perfect, cost effective solution to help you with your challenges.

There is one group of Business Advisors that have hundreds, if not thousands of clients. However they are very specialised and cannot provide the wide range of specific expertise that business owners are looking for.

We are of course taking about Accountants. However experience tells us that they can be less than welcoming to anyone who wants access to their clients! And rightly so.

The collective business developments skills of the Business Advisor Management team plus the use of a unique software programme will remove those barriers. Add to that our package of workshop topics, 1-2-1 mentoring and sales assistance will open up the doors to a new world of fee paying clients.

Charlie McClelland | Business Advisor

The course is delivered very enthusiastically. It’s got very good supporting materials for us to review and to do our homework. It’s good that it starts on time which is a bit of a rarity, and it’s a very nice, friendly bunch, both the presenters and the cohort. It will allow me to engage more effectively with accountants so that they can grow their business and in turn I can grow my business. They say what they have to say, they check our understanding, if we want to ask questions we do, and any questions asked are always answered fully.

Dermot O’Kane | Business Finance Specialist

The course has benefitted our business very well; the easiest thing I can say is that, with the information we receive, it gives us the confidence to speak to our target market.

David Lee | Business Advisor

This is a genuinely impressive and game-changing opportunity which will significantly help me in my role as a Business Advisor & Growth Strategist. The door opening potential will ensure I remain busy and my clients happy, wealthy, and definitely wiser


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