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Thanks for visiting and for your interest in our cost effective training programme offer.

A proven training programme delivering immediate results and significant return on the small investment required?

The rate we charge is there to cover our costs and to give us a small profit, well why not? The fact is that if you follow our plan you will generate a very good income for yourself and we also will benefit through the provision of our services to your clients.

Our programme has three major strengths:

  • A clear set of outcomes and opportunities
  • A full, no quibble, money back guarantee.
  • Delivers an immediate return on investment

Only £3,240
including VAT

Each programme is limited to just 12 people.

January to March 2021
7 places left

April to June 2021
9 places left

July to September 2021
only 10 places left

Week 1

Engaging, Agreeing the ROI and Setting Success Criteria from Day One

Engaging Accountants, establishing their ‘Business Case’ and Kicking Off their Business Advisory Project: The plan for success.

Week 2

Critical Universal KPIs and the Universal Business Growth Drivers

A detailed introduction to the Business Overview Report. Lag, (history), and lead indicators. The bare essentials management information needed to run a business.

Week 3

Get an In Depth Business Understanding in Less than 5 minutes

A detailed look at the Performance Analysis Report and a ‘story’ about how this highlights multiple opportunities to increase sales, cut costs and increase profit and business value.

Week 4

The ‘Conversation’ Become Indispensable Agree Commercials

Make the impact of small changes on business growth tangible and intoxicating, build the value, make yourself indispensable and agreement to proceed.

Week 5

Creating a Credible Profit and Loss Forecast Part 1 of 2

Gaining an in depth understanding of the opportunity and threats to sales and profitability in the customer & overheads base for any business – ask brilliant questions

Week 6

Creating a Credible Profit and Loss Forecast Part 2 of 2

Low hanging fruit and opportunities for growth. A ‘Simple and Repeatable Process’ for systematic Gap Analysis and Cross Selling to increase sales, profit and business value.

Week 7

Real World Planning and How to Obtain Business Finance

Sales is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, but Cash is Reality. Delivering a 360° view of forecast performance to create the basis for management vs plan and a killer funding proposal.

Week 8

From Dust Trap to Alchemist – Reporting Actual vs Plan+

Creating a living, breathing plan that evolves so management focus on what really matters to drive the business forward to incremental gains and inevitable success.

Week 9

If I Give You £10 and ask for £1 Back, How Many £10’s Do You Want?

50% of my marketing works, 50% doesn’t. How to identify what works and what doesn’t delivers instantaneous quick wins, and quick wins to get growth for free.

Week 10

Quick Wins Cost Savings Deliver an Instant ROI

No-one wants to pay over the odds for goods and services. Identify and delier quick win cost savings and service enhancement. Your costs covered by your client’s savings.

Week 11

Business Intelligence Answering All The Other Questions

Know everything there is to know about the finances of the business in a heart beat. How to deliver the business insight most FD’s dream of but never enjoy in reality.

Week 12

Putting It All Together From DIY to DFY and Become Indispensable

A solution for every budget, everyone wants a ‘Done For You’ implementation with a guide and a mentor. Becoming the Indispensable Trusted Advisor.

What are your alternatives?

Research any other Consultant / Business Advisor programme and you will see some crazy prices for the opportunity to potential pour your money down the drain!

“The investment required to launch our franchise is £39,500 + VAT!
“Minimum Investment £69,000 + VAT !!

This is an awful lot of money to shell out especially when the return on investment is very hard to envisage. Franchises also limit you to a defined geographical area which can be very restrictive, especially if you live in the sticks!

How we do it

Experience shows that filling a training room full of expectant Business Advisors does not work (and currently Covid doesn’t allow it!) You forget 80% of what is being taught and you cannot concentrate for the 5/6 hours required each day.

We have developed a live Zoom based programme spread over twelve weeks inclusive of 24 one hour sessions with leading business experts.  

You will get

  • A set of twelve workshop topics you can use to generate fees.
  • Full support collateral for each workshop including presenters notes and “playbooks”.
  • Support with sales activity.
  • Assistance with our “done for you” marketing programme.
  • A free set up on our “Trojan Horse” business analysis service.
  • Introductions to our “secret” supply of quality leads at no extra cost.
  • Introducers fees from our Joint Venture Partners.
  • A network of qualified Business Advisors looking for specialist support for their clients.
  • Regular business developments updates.

A great way to enhance your current consulting service, a great way to get started and a way to build a business that has a sell on value and an exit strategy.

Register Your Interest for the 12 Week Programme

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