Let's be realistic, it's not easy running a business, it's hard work. Keeping the establishment running, managing staff, suppliers and customers is a full time job. Our staff are usually so busy making sure work is completed, invoices raised, paid and putting out the inevitable fires, everything that can be put off until tomorrow does not get done.

No-one would argue – it is a fact: Knowing what your customers really think about your product, service, staff, value for money is critical… however whilst most businesses THINK they know how their customers feel about them, unfortunately the reality is normally totally different.

If you have not got an system to effectively ask for and receive accurate, factual and REPRESENTATIVE customer feedback you are almost unaware of the reality of what YOUR customers really think about YOUR business, consider this:

A ‘conventional’ feedback will be doing well if it gets more than 15% of clients to provide feedback. The Customer Care Programme typically gets about 95% of customers to provide feedback.  So what is the difference? A conventional process will get feedback from those customers who are happy and think you are doing well. Once in a while a really dissatisfied customer will have a rant, what’s missing is the vast majority of your customers who don’t bother to let you know that they think you are really average…

You will be amazed at what can happen to your business if you find out what your customers really think AND act on it. The impact on the ‘Key Business Drivers’ can be absolutely astounding.