Whether you have been in the business advisory world for some time or are brand new to it there is always the challenge of finding and  working with business owners who value what you do and who are prepared to pay for it.  Add to that the opportunities that lie within the client base of Accountancy practices and you have a potential “marriage made in heaven”.

If only it was as easy as asking an Accountant to introduce and recommend you to all of their clients!  But why not? If that is the problem then Business Advisor has the solution.

  • Successful business advisors are few and far between, but their income is capped and for the vast majority, they lack the ability to scale and exit profitably…
  • Partnering with accountants who wish to help clients, but don’t have the time or pre-requisite experience is the solution to everyone’s problem…
  • The Virtual Finance Director delivers the forensic analysis, reporting, and identification of risks and opportunities making it possible to scale …
  • Making it easy for Accountants to deliver the practical, real-world advice their Business Owner clients need and want…

We have put together a cost effective development programme spread over twelve weeks to give you the solution to the problem Accountants are facing right now. 

Their “bread & butter” compliance work is being eroded by Making Tax Digital (MTD) and their clients are becoming more demanding and seeking more help and support.

Our Offer To You

A twelve week programme consisting of 1-2-1 support, webinars, support material, sales collateral and the opportunity to work with our existing Accountant clients.

Why do I need training?

  • To work alongside Accountants you do not need an accountancy background or be some kind of financial whiz kid but you do need to know your way around the Virtual Finance Director Pro financial reports and models, which is the launch platform for your success.
  • You will need to develop your understanding of how Accountants work and the decision making processes they typically go through.
  • The world of accountancy has been much the same for the past 300 years but now they need to change and so do the people working in the practice. We will show you how you can affect and help this process*
    * As you will discover Accountancy Practices operate in a very different way to most businesses and until you appreciate the difference, you cannot hope to assist in the change management process.
  • Accountants will need help and support in developing their non-compliance business support activity, this includes overcoming internal resistance and preparing their team members for a ‘new conversation and relationship with clients’.
  • Accountants will need help in setting up the business support programmes critical to the marketing of these new services to existing clients and prospects.

The programme – delivered over 12 weeks:

  1. Introduction to Virtual Finance Director Pro and the xxx model
  2. The changing world of the Accountant
  3. VFD:  Gaining an in depth understanding of any business in minutes, (and proving it…)
    Business Growth Model and the Performance Analysis Reports
  4. Barriers to change in the Accountancy profession and how you might overcome them
  5. VFD:  Helping Accountants and Business Owners create a vision for the future value and growth of their business, (The Business Growth Model).
  6. VFD:  Creating a Baseline Forecast and a 5 Year Growth Plan – Reporting progress against plan.
  7. VFD:  The 90 Day Plan, (getting through the Honeymoon Period and onto proactive growth).
    Introduction to the BA workshop programme
  8. VFD Customer Targeting and the Customer Exception Report and Marketing ROI – Enquir3
  9. The Conversation with the Accountant – explaining the proposition and your role
  10. VFD:  Finding the money to pay for everything:  The Exception Reports = no cost deployment
  11. The Accountants Enhanced Proposition Deployment Model – yours / their first 90 days
  12. The fit between Reporting and part-time FD services, leading onto Business Mastermind Groups

Optional Support:

  • 12 x 1 hour of group mentoring plus peer support to help address any question and to allow you to practice your newly acquired skills with support of colleagues.
  • Joint presentations/meetings with potential Accountancy prospects and clients
  • A listing on www.thequalitynetwork.co.uk  A directory service for business advisors with the added benefit of a free feedback facility to use for your business, valued at a £125 =VAT per annum*  (Subject to satisfactory completion of system understanding verification).
  • Registration with VFD-Pro and Enquir3 as partners who both offer in perpetuity introducers fees in respect of any introductions made as a result of your activities.
  • Registration with Business-Advisor.org.uk for in perpetuity introducers fees in respect of any introductions made as a result of your activities.
  • Content you can use to present your services to clients and / or in support of accountants on your website and in other media.
  • Email Marketing and social media content templates you can use in your own marketing.

Your investment options

Option 1: Single payment of £2,700

Option 2: 3 monthly payments of £990

Option 3: 12 monthly payments of £270

Fees are payable in advance and subject to VAT.

No quibble guarantee:

If after the first month you are not delighted with your investment and convinced of the value you well enjoy as a return, we will refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

Return On Investment

No crazy promises about the extraordinary money will you definitely make by joining us, because we don’t know what you charge for your services, or what those services consist of.

What we can promise is that if you follow this programme and make use of the extensive support on offer, you will establish relationships with Accountants who need your help to adapt and address the challenges that face the Accounting Profession.  Whether you simply want referrals to select clients, (after establishing your professional working relationships with Accountants),  and / or going on to establish Joint Ventures to run Business Mastermind Groups on behalf of Accountants, you will inevitably enjoy a significant return on your investment.  What you charge for your services is for you to decide.

Where is the money?

  • Introducers Fees for any introductions that lead to sales of the programme to Accountants.
  • Introducers Fees for any introductions that lead to the purchase of VFD-Pro by Accountants.
  • Introducers Fees for any introductions that lead to the sales of Enquir3 services to Accountants (and theirs or your other clients).
  • Introducers Fees for any introductions that lead the to sales of Engagement Multiplier.
  • Introducers Fees for any introductions that lead the to sales of Risk Dashboard.
  • Introducers Fees for any introductions that lead the to introduction of Utilitrack.
  • Introducers Fees for any introductions that lead introductions to Business-Advisor.org.uk.
  • Consulting work you undertake with the Accountant’s clients.
  • Delivery of workshops based on your expertise for other Business Advisors Accountancy clients.
  • Income from a host of other related service suppliers* to create new opportunities and to open new commission channels.
  • *Refer to the list of OER’s VFD Pro are working on.

The much bigger picture

For the right Business Advisor and the right Accountant, we will create a Joint Venture* company with the objective of building a legacy business that has real value beyond the tradition day rate payment for Busines Advisors.  

*This is the model that has been successfully deployed with Accountants already.

VFD Pro and the 90 day plan.

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