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I like the personal touch; We deal with each other on first name terms and we can discuss things. I feel that we get a good service from them in that respect. The range of products available suits our needs; There are products that are correct for the job that we need it for. We've got a more consistent approach toward PPE. SAFPRO helped us to design a one click PPE kit which has all the elements we need for a new person in the business, and that has definitely helped to ensure there's consistency. SAFPRO have got a more personal style and approach than other suppliers we've used; You feel that you're a valued customer. They've always gone above and beyond.
Name:Phil Grigg
Job Title:Regional Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Manager
Sector:Specialist Hygiene
Company:Rentokil Specialist Hygiene
Service(s) Provided: Training
I like the fact that Enquir3 take a lot of the responsibility and time away from me as they do a lot of the work, so it's straightforward and efficient for me. I like the personality and the type of service they provide for us as it matches our type of service. We're just starting with Enquir3 and I think it has given us a bit of a feel for what our clients would really like from us, rather than what we think they would like from us. We've only had an initial survey done so far and we're thinking of rolling it out on a larger scale in the not to distant future to gather more information.
Name:Michael Lavery
Service(s) Provided:
The analysis of the client satisfaction interviews provided by Enquir3 was good - very insightful. The interviews have first of all given us the opportunity to learn from our customers and it also gives our clients a voice, knowing we are listening to them. It is an excellent driver to push for process improvement. Most of the time we know the areas we need to improve on, but the client feedback helps us to explain changes required to staff more effectively, to the point that we use this with some members of the team as part of their KPIs. This enables us to have an ongoing programme of general improvement that we are working on continuously. I can't think of any improvements that Enquir3 could make. We are very happy with the service; it was everything I hoped it would be and more.
Name:Jose Hamp
Company:Sarsen Stone Group
Service(s) Provided:
The professionalism of the client contact representatives on the ground and back at the office (Niki Dymek) was excellent
Name:Client details withheld
Company:O'Hare Treasury Consultancy
Service(s) Provided:
I've worked with Irun for about 8 years now and you always get a personal service. I've worked with other companies before, but I know with Irun that, no matter how I put it across in layman's terms, they get it; Andrew is there to take my language and communicate it with the developers in their terms to get it all done. Irun have given us the website that we had initially planned out in our heads, and then some. The timescale was really stretched out, so the fact that they waited on me for almost 2 years while we sorted out what we wanted and made changes, the patience and complete respect of them putting their work on the line for 2 years while we sorted what we wanted, and then to pick it up and then just charge with it at the end (and I understand it was a bit of a hard push at the end there to get it all done) has been really really good. There's a lot of things where I've said "This is what we need" and they've come back to say "OK, we've talked about it and what do you think of this site that does this?" They've then gone away and found a way to make it work on our site. They understood that I can't get my head around something until I've seen it working on another site, and they've found a way to do that for me. Unless you've got the capacity to imagine what you're capable of doing then you don't know. We're part of a buying group and there's been a few people who are trying to drag themselves into this century and I always point them to Irun.
Name:Tracy Surtees
Job Title:Website and Marketing Manager
Sector:Supplier of Cleaning, Catering and Hygience supplies
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
I personally deal with Hacker Young for my tax. I find them approachable, they listen to you and they're efficient. As a business we benefit from all of the above. They're very efficient so we don't have any issues with them; We need our figures every month and they're always there and always ready. I've been working with them for a very long time. I think it was 1997 they took us on.
Company commentMorag, we thank you very much for your continued support. We are thrilled to know that after such a long time you still hold us to such a high regard and we will continue to aim to approachable and efficient as ever. It's truly rewarding to work with valuable members of communities such as yourself at Harwood House and to know that we make your job as straightforward as we can, thank you! Michael Fitch - Senior Partner
Name:Morag Forsyth
Job Title:Home Manager
Sector:Care Home
Company:Harwood House Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accountancy, Legal
Barringtons are really approachable. Currently they've stepped in for us as our accountant is on long term sick. It's different people I'm dealing with now, and they're all ever so helpful and approachable. Working with Barringtons benefits us very well because where they are so helpful there's no awkwardness or time lapsed over. If I phone and ask for anything it's dealt with there and then. They're also really flexible, which helps us with the smooth running of things. For example, one of their staff came in on her annual leave to make a payment for us, so they're very flexible and helpful. We only have them come in and do our audit normally, but at present we're using them for PAYE, Payroll, payments, and cash flow. For me it's the first time working with them. I think what they're doing is absolutely brilliant.
Name:Hannah Stirk
Job Title:Office Manager
Sector:Civil Engineering Contractor
Company:Stuart Bowler Contractors Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accountancy
Live chat on our website was an obvious communications tool that we didn't offer. I'd spoken to Paul Lawton at Chat Heroes on a couple of occasions and having a manned chat log on our website just made absolute sense. Paul introduced me to another accountancy client Chat Heroes work with, so I did my due diligence and in their words, "it’s a no brainer", I couldn’t put it better myself. It's just so easy, Chat Heroes are very personable, quick to respond, they provide a really good service. We signed a new client during the free trial who went out of their way to say that if it wasn’t for our web chat, it was unlikely she would have made contact. Just that one deal means several years of Chat Heroes costs were covered before they even raised their first invoice. On Monday this week I had a chat transcript come through at 10:42 from a prospect who'd been on the website. I called them immediately and set up a meeting for 2.30 the same day. I sent out an email the next morning, and at 2pm I had signed up the deal which was sizeable. What would I say to someone else thinking of using Chat Heroes? "Given the free trial and how easy everything is, it’s a total no brainer.
Company commentThank you, Sean, for your excellent feedback. Sean Farnell is a Partner at Burgis & Bullock, a fantastic chartered accountancy practise based in the Midlands, offering financial services and business advice. They've won many awards including Best Private Client Tax Team 2016 and Corporate Finance Team of the Year 2014 and are leading the charge in terms of making tax digital. We are delighted to be working with Sean and Burgis & Bullock to provide web chat services to their website and help generate leads through their web traffic. Thanks again Sean.
Name:Sean Farnell
Job Title:Partner
Company:Burgis & Bullock
Town:Leamington Spa
Service(s) Provided:
Being a Multidisciplinary Health Clinic, with complex client needs I was not convinced that anyone, other than staff trained and working directly with me, could answer our phone calls. How very wrong I was! We decided to take a chance with Bruce and Call Handling Solutions as cover for our phone during our clinic shut down over Christmas - we are glad we did and have not looked back! As all business owners will know, missing a call from a potential or existing client is not good - Call Handling Solutions take that worry away. Bruce set us an account up quickly, got it tested and has tweaked things in a very reactive way which gives our clients a great service when we are unable to answer their calls. The emails with the call details on are easy to understand and make returning the calls quick and easy. We have now taken out a monthly contract with Call Handling Solutions and find it a very cost effective way to not only free up valuable employee time, but to continue to provide our clients the high quality of customer service they have come to expect from us. I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce and Call Handling Solutions to not only provide a great value solution, but a personalised service to ensure effective running of any business.
Name:Carys Roberts
Job Title:Clinical Director
Company:Swan Physio
Service(s) Provided:
Arkle are approachable; you can always talk to someone about credit. We've got a good relationship with one of the directors there which makes it easy for us to contact them to discuss more complex deals, and they're always looking for ways to do deals. Working with Arkle has enabled us to place some credits that we wouldn't have been able to place otherwise. In the marketplace that they're in, they're quite strong.
Company commentMark, thank you for your feedback and for your constructive comments, these are important to us and help make sure we are delivering the best possible service to our clients. Mark Haywood is the managing director of Clear Asset Finance, a London-based financial intermediary specialising in customer experience and services. They help thousands of UK businesses every year through a wide variety of financial solutions which are tailored to each customer’s specific needs, as well as providing highly competitive rates and pricing. Clear makes the process of securing finance simple, quick and a positive experience for all parties and Mark’s approach to creating deals and providing an excellent service has made Clear Asset Finance a strong and exceptional partner.
Name:Mark Haywood
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Asset Finance
Company:Clear Asset Finance
Service(s) Provided: Finance