Questions to ask as your small business recovers from COVID-19

As small business owners look to operations after COVID-19, there are some important business questions to ask. These questions will help you determine what adaptations you want to keep, whether your business model is working, and if there are additional changes you want to make to keep your company operational through future economic downturns. It’s …

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Time to increase prices?

Increase prices and your profits will soar, but how do you avoid the risk of losing or upsetting clients? It’s relatively straight forward really, find out if clients are delighted with the service you provide and if they score you 5 out of 5 for ‘Value for Money’, put the price up.  Just one of the …

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Right Question – Right Time

Your customers are your best source of ‘Business Improvement Innovation’, we are going to share another secret from the world of customer feedback to explain why most companies totally screw it up, to help you get it right… We have already explored the fact that A) most surveys fail because the people you want to …

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Why Client Engagement Matters

Client Engagement should be a number one priority for every business. There are a number of positive outcomes from being engaged with your client such as; revenue increasing, customers being less like to leave, more likely to purcase additional services and will increase the number of referrals they make for you.

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