Business Advisor Webinar


During this webinar we will highlight…

  • Who We Are and What We Do
  • The Problem Accountants Face 
  • How You Can Help Them
  • How We Can Help You Develop Your Business
  • Next Steps and Action Plan
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This Webinar is for you if:-

You need a stable, sustainable and reliable client portfolio which delivers profitable, fee-paying growth year after year.

What if you could work with switched on Accountants who are open minded and understand the challenge that their profession faces from Making Tax Digital (MTD), cloud based intelligent accountancy packages and the advent of artificial intelligence.  All of which is estimated to reduce their day to day bread and butter revenue streams by 80% in a few short years!

We have a unique solution to this problem which is also designed to create opportunities and revenue for Business Advisors of all types and disciplines.

Why not spend 30 minutes or so of your time to find out more? 

Event Title: 
Maximising Your Opportunity To Deliver High Priced and Valued Business Advice
Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 15:00
Online Webinar
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Ray Watson – Business Growth Advice Ltd & Guests
Who is it for?: 
Open minded and ambitious, Business Advisors, Consultants and Business Coaches
Why Attend: 
To discover a new and unique method of building your business
Short description: 
Join us for a short Webinar where we will explain the tremendous opportunity that exists for Business Advisors, Business Coaches and Consultants. We have a unique opportunity to work with the country’s leading Accountants as they face the challenge of changing the way they work and the services they offer following the introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD).