Business Mastermind Groups

Meet regularly with like minded business owners who will develop into your own non-executive board.  Your colleagues, guided by an expert facilitator, will help you create Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) and more importantly hold you accountable to the actions which will help you achieve your goals.  

More specifically the groups will:

Get help solving problems – like the expression there is nothing new under the sun – all business challenges have been identified and solved at some time in the past.  Gather an expert group and you’ll find the skillset to identify and solve most day to day challenges.  Access to other business groups via the faciliator (and host accountant) will find solution s to the most difficult challenges experienced by members.

Make new friends – Not an essential aim of the group but a beneficial by product.   Running a business can be a lonely place – so caring, sharing and daring with friends will significantly improve your sense of purpose and passion for your business.

Create a system for your business….read any business book and you’ll find a systemised business is one that has significant additional value and means you run the business and not the other way round.  Why do most businesses struggle at this – because its not part of the Technical work of the business – it’s the business of the technical work.  And therefore for most entrepreneurs its not the most exciting activity – however, lasting value and real freedom of choice exist once you’ve got a systemised business.  Our Business Mastermind Operating System (BMOS) involves creating, refining and implementing the following…

  • Vision – A business without a vision is operating in the dark.
  • Processes – Does everyone know what to do and why they do it
  • Data - (Understand you figures – understand your business)
  • Issues – A business that solves issues grows.
  • People – it’s the teamwork that make the dreamwork
  • Momentum – Newtons 2nd law of motion

Realising Business Potential - Whilst cresting a systemised business a business should also be increasing it effectiveness We will do this by defining where we are now,  creating goals, defining actions and reporting results (via Key Performance Indicators).  Working on d significant value:

  • Increase the number of Leads
  • Increase the Conversion rate
  • Increasing average sales values
  • Increasing Profit Margins
  • Increasing Sales Frequency
  • Increase referrals
  • Increasing average lifetime of your clients

Develop your brand story – every business has a story to tell – we’ll help you crafty and deliver a most compelling and effective story – it’ll be like studying a PHd in your

Create freedom to choose how you spend your time – Do you every wish you had more time – well the bad news is there is no more time, but the good news you can have the freedom to choose how you spend you time – conquer procrastination, develop delegation and get control of your business.

Utilize best practice supply chain -  Are your suppliers providing excellent service at the most cost effective price.  We will have industry experts help you become ‘educators buyers’ ensuring best practice supply chains for your businesses.

Create and maintain as high performing team – Defining you values and skills required for every staff members will mean you only keep and employ the right people in the right jobs the people process able will help motivate and give them the opportunity to thrive in your organisation.   Performance = Potential – Interference.

Self Discovery – Self Development – understand your own strengths and weakness as individuals and within a team – understand that learning never ends and create your own development plan with your colleagues

Celebrate Success – Success is defined as the journed not the destination – we will regularly share and celebrate successes – the small and the big onces.

Membership of the Business Mastermind Groups is a journey – a journey to fulfilment of potential both your own personal potential and your businesses.  The by products of which are self esteem, confidence, financial freedom and happiness – come and join us on the journey but buckle up it could be a bumpy ride…

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