Case Study from Beechwood (Leeds) WMC for Avensure Health and Safety


A Working Mens Club based in Leeds, Beechwood (Leeds) WMC have enlisted the help of Avensure to assist with all aspects of their HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety compliance. This Case Study provides a summary of the services delivered and how Beechwood (Leeds) WMC have benefitted from Avensure’s Health & Safety services.

Beechwood (Leeds) WMC
About Beechwood (Leeds) WMC

Beechwood (Leeds) WMC is a members only Club based in Leeds, they provide entertainment and drinks to the local community. They pride themselves on their welcoming and friendly atmosphere as well as the regular entertainment and activities programme that they organise which includes: Games night, Bingo night, senior Citizens night and Saturday night Star entertainment. They offer an entertainment room, a snooker and billiards room and a lounge and bar area 7 days a week.

Why did Beechwood (Leeds) WMC need Health and safety Assistance?

At the time of coming on board with Avensure I was not involved with the Health and Safety for the club. From being appointed the responsible person for Health and Safety, it was clear that there was little proactive implementation of Health and Safety arrangements. It was from reviewing the initial report produced by Avensure, that I sought further assistance with the interpretation and implementation of our duties under UK Health and Safety Law.

How did Avensure Help Beechwood (Leeds) WMC address their Health and Safety?

The initial evaluation visit was carried out with Avensure’s Health and Safety Consultant. The initial evaluation visit involved a review of the current Health and Safety documents, assessing what systems and controls are in place, a walk around of the premises to see how this is implemented in practice. The visit is closed with a brief session on completing a risk assessment by going through a worked example. “I wasn’t present at the initial Health and Safety Evaluation visit and although the documents were well presented, I was not familiar with what I had in front of me. I contacted the Avensure Health and Safety team for some further assistance as I was the new appointed responsible person for Health and Safety.” Following the initial Health and Safety visit, it was established that further assistance was needed to review the action plan and implement the processes into the business. “The response time from speaking with the Health and Safety team and being contacted by their Health and Safety consultant was fantastic. I also appreciated that Avensure had arrange for the same consultant who had carried out the initial Health and Safety evaluation visit to come and meet with me for a second time at no extra cost to Beechwood WMC.” Avensure provided support through the process of the implementation of the Health and Safety Management System and regular interactions resulted in a clear and systematic approach to Health and Safety within Beechwood WMC. “The consultant that was allocated to us had a vast amount of knowledge for our sector and was very personable. I found the support visit very interesting and was able to familiarise myself with the first report that was produced in my absence. During this Health and Safety support visit, the consultant reviewed the Health and Safety documents with me and step by step we went through the risk assessment process. I found this an invaluable tool during the early stages of my role as the responsible person for Health and Safety. The systematic action plan produced by the consultant enabled us to work through the most urgent items first and prioritise our actions going forwards.”

What services do Avensure provide Beechwood (Leeds) WMC?

Health & Safety Initial visit to clients Primary site to conduct a Health & Safety evaluation Summary Report and Recommendations Health and Safety Management system and supporting documentation, including health & Safety policy statement, structure arrangements, records, risk assessment guide, guidance notes and employee handbook. Updates of Health & Safety documentation in line with changes to legislation, or changes to organisational structure or layout of premises. Unlimited email and telephone support. Access to an expert Health and Safety Advice Team 24/7 basis HR and Employment Law Bespoke HR Documentation: Contracts and Handbooks and guidance on implementation. Immediate 24/7 advice on all ongoing HR and Employment Law issues. Access to our own dedicated Employment Law Consultant, Bev Wood who is invaluable. Access to a team with a vast range of experience in Employment Law Contracts and HR. Insurance to cover all legal and tribunal representation costs including all compensation awards. Barrister/ Solicitor trained legal advisors. Training to help us understand Employment Law and HR issues better.

What would you say to someone thinking of using Avensure's services?

“I am new to Health and Safety and understand that this is a learning curve for me. I would say to any working men’s clubs who are looking for some external support, Avensure provided us with the foundations to our Health and Safety Management System and their ongoing support and interpretation of our legal requirements, gave us a systematic approach to improving our arrangements. We really appreciate the continued assistance from the Health and Safety Team, I feel confident in asking questions and working with my dedicated advisor to assist me with the ongoing Risk Assessments and Policies.”What do you feel the value of the Health and Safety Documentation will be to your organisation? “Avensure have supported Beechwood (Leeds) WMC with the initial implementation of our Health and Safety Management System. Along with the action plan and Health and Safety report produced by the Health and Safety expert, I am able to refer the guidance notes that is provided by Avensure as a quick reference during the compilation of our Risk assessments and policies. The records folder that Avensure provided us is a great resource for when we require a risk assessment template for a new expectant mother or we hire a young person under the age of 18. There are also forms for recording our fire arrangement checks and staff training.” How did you find the assistance and advice of the Health and Safety Team that helped you? “The communication between the Health and Safety Consultant and our dedicated advisor ensure efficiency and consistency between our initial visit and ongoing advice.  When we call the Health and Safety Team at head office we are greeted in a friendly manor and any advice given is always followed up by an email for our records.” As a good will gesture Avensure provided you with a suite of online training courses, how have these benefitted Beechwood (Leeds) WMC? “We have been given seven Health and Safety online training courses for our nominated fire marshals. I have completed the course myself and the found the login instructions easy to follow. The course content was interesting and followed a systematic approach which is exactly how we want our nominated fire marshals to respond in an emergency situation. The course took me around 40 minutes to complete, I also found it helpful that you can save the course at one point, then come back to it at a later date. I was also awarded with a professional certificate that can be used towards my CPD and training log.”

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