Swiss, German Manufacturers Demand Precision Financial Support

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Precision engineering firm with roots in the Aerospace and Automotive industry, the UK arm of Swiss German Manufacturing business, Eckold Ltd, rely on Burgis & Bullock for their precision support on all matters related to taxation and finance.

Eckold Ltd
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Eckold Ltd – German Swiss Engineering Connected with the future and with an Eye for Detail

‘German Swiss engineering’, these three words paint a picture of high quality, precision engineering and sum up Eckold perfectly.  Whilst it probably means little to the man in the street, Eckold are renowned for their world famous ‘Kraftformer’ range of Sheet Metal Shaping Machinery and the Clinching range of Metal Joining Machinery and Tooling.

Eckold Ltd is the UK arm of the business supplying innovative quality products and systems for the Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Vehicle, Engineering, Medical and Rotational Moulding industries.

Problems with Communications and a Need for Financial Clarity:

Lynda Green, MD of Eckold Ltd was not happy with the guidance and support they were receiving from their accountants.  Lynda and her team needed appropriate Management Information to help guide and inform their decision making in the day to day financial control of the business.

As most of Lynda’s management team were not accounting personnel by training, they were also frustrated by their previous Accountants inability to talk their language and explain things in plain English, so everyone could understand. 

Financial Insight in Plain English, Effective Management Reports and More:

Lynda needed guidance and support from a financial expert able to explain complex financial and accounting issues in layman’s terms, however, the ‘tipping point’ was the need for regular, accurate and timely Management Information to help Ekhold’s management team make the right financial decisions at the right time.

That was long ago, Burgis & Bullock have been Eckold’s accountants for many years.  In that time numerous other financial issues have been addressed with the enthusiastic help and support from the Burgis & Bullock team.  These include not only Management Information, but also payroll, year-end compliance, Audit, the directors personal tax and help with auto-enrolment and companies pension scheme.

Services Delivered:
  • Management Information
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Audit
  • Payroll
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Auto Enrolment

In Lynda’s own words: 
Burgis & Bullock are friendly and approachable. Eckold have been with them for years and they are 100% better than the previous accountants”
“They have more of a layman’s approach and made it easier for non-accounting personnel to understand accounting procedures. They’ve benefited the business and we now have a more concise accounting facility.

For someone who does not like giving 5 out of 5, Lynda’s feedback is all the more special; with ‘Excellent’ ratings for the ‘Quality of Communications’ and being ‘Considerate and Helpful’.  This means ‘Very Good’ as a rating for the ‘Service Delivered’ and ‘Value for Money’ is as good as it gets.

Lynda Green
Job Title:
Ex Managing Director
Sales and Distribution
Eckold Ltd
Services Provided: Accountancy