Customer Care Programme (CCP)

Achieving sustainable growth calls for a focus on existing clients, most businesses struggle with this. The Enquir3 Business Improvement Programme ensures your business is focussed on the things which really matter to your clients. If they matter to your clients they will also be important to your prospects.

Client engagement, a guaranteed financial return

  • Accountant… retained client about to leave, generated fee income of £130,000 over 2 years.
  • Furniture retailer… client.. ‘we could triple what we do with you from £20k to £60k per month’.
  • Telecoms provider… upsold to 20% of clients. Increase in annual revenue with each client 225%.
  • Financial services provider… identified client prepared to pay additional £6k pa on retainer.
  • Manufacturer… 6 /10 clients unaware of the maintenance services the company offers.
  • Construction company… 80% of marketing was aimed at sectors who never purchased anything.

The Enquir3 programme delivers a host of business benefits including, Client Retention, Cross Sales, Referrals and Marketing Content.

The Enquir3 programme will focus on;

  • Stakeholder Engagement: discover the real opportunities in your business.
  • Client Satisfaction: what is really going on in the minds of your customers.
  • Creating Collateral: the material you really need to create opportunities and close sales.
  • Communications: how to engage with your existing clients (and all 'stakeholders').
  • Dissatisfaction Drivers: what irritates your customers, and what you can do to address it.
  • Clarity of Message: ensuring you are speaking to the right audience in the right way.
  • Referral Partnerships: a reall opportunity once you business is 'Referral Ready'.

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