Discovery Webinar

This event is for you if:-

• Hate the thought of cold calling, 
• Dislike trawling the networking meetings, 
• Don’t like battling with GDPR regulations to find prospects
• Despair at relying on others to feed you opportunities 

This event is for you if you are looking for significant increases in income and building a business that you can sell on when you step back from the fray.

This event is for you if don't want the insecurity of dramatic peaks and troughs in cash flow and workload. 

Ideally you need a stable, reliable client portfolio which delivers profitable, fee-paying growth year after year.

If that sounds like you then join us for a no obligation 40 minute webinar to begin the journey to high income advisory services.

Event Title: 
An introduction to Business Advisor for those who want to dramatically increase their income!
Friday, September 20, 2019 - 10:00
Business Advisors, Business Coaches and Consultants
Ray Watson – Business Growth Advice Ltd
Who is it for?: 
Open minded and ambitious, Business Advisors, Consultants and Business Coaches
Why Attend: 
To Discover How To Grow A Systemised, Scalable, Exit Ready Business
Short description: 
A 40 minute webinar designed to provide Business Advisors, Consultants and Business Coaches with an introduction to Business and to explain how we can help you to develop a high fee earning business.