FBR3 is THE Feedback Request and Referral Reward Systems.

Every business should have an effective client feedback and referral generation system – it is just plain common sense.  The sad fact is that despite this most don’t have any system at all.

Why is this?  Simple, most businesses are so busy managing their core activities; delivering whatever it is they do to make money to the point that other ‘non-core’ activities are put off until later and not done, or if they are done it is a superficial stop start activity that probably does more harm than good.

The FBR3 Feedback Request and Referral Reward system solves this challenge in a stroke and can be setup to work in every business almost over-night.  Once in use it makes the process of asking for feedback and referrals a core part of the way business is run by doing the following:

  • Providing an easy to use means of asking customers for feedback and testimonials.
  • Automatically publishing testimonials on the business website.
  • Providing the ability for businesses to deal with negative or ‘constructive’ feedback.
  • Promoting the best feedback on the pages of their websites that get most visits.
  • Asking customers the all-important question:  Would you recommend us to others?
  • And for those who would recommend following up with a request for referrals with referral incentives for both the referring and referred people.
  • Making management of incentives and rewards simplicity it-self.
  • Massively increasing referral rates, customer loyalty and repeat sales.

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