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Enquir3 made it easy for me as a consultant to recommend the client engagement process to my clients, because of their level of understanding; the fact that they know what they're doing and they can demonstrate easily how it would benefit us. I was able to reassure my clients that Enquir3 make it really easy for them not to fail, from the ease of the system, to the ready-made templates, someone is there to hold your hand all the way. We have completed two projects so far and they have both been completely different experiences. One client already knew they had a problem but had no evidence, but as a result of their client satisfaction interviews their clients told them, and they then had to act. The customer had over-promised on customer service and knew they would be under delivering, and as a result of the client research they were able to pare back what they were promising, enabling them to focus more on their market differentiation which they can fulfill, rather than throw everything at it. The other project largely came down to customer service. They definitely knew they weren't fulfilling the needs of their clients, but they were not sure of the impact that was having on their business. This client research helped them realise how detrimental their current logistics and operational structure was, which meant these aspects were then nudged up the priority list and enabled them to have more grasp on the changes necessary. We all know the devastating effects unhappy clients can have on a business, but it helps greatly to be able to study the evidence in order to provide the solutions required to change. I specialise in strategic marketing for clients i.e. ROI, which you can't do unless you have a full understanding of why customers buy; which makes this data analysis absolutely critical. This is the key mapping tool that I need to work effectively with my clients.
Name:Helen Forsyth
Job Title:Strategy Director
Company:Find A Creative Pro
Service(s) Provided: Business Advisors
There was so much packed into the day. What I liked about it was the range of tools that have been brought together for the accountancy profession. I've got the years of experience working with accountancy practices so I was looking to see what the basic proposition might be. I'm always interested in an opportunity. There are a couple of outstanding tools that could be extremely useful and that I'm interested in perusing further. I was very happy with what was presented and the follow up has been very good so I'm not at all disappointed.
Name:Martin Ramsden
Service(s) Provided: Business Mastermind Group, Events, Business Advisors
I personally liked the experience of the different pieces of software; just finding out about them in more depth, as I'd been told about them but didn't have a really good understanding of what they did and what they were aimed at. It was also an opportunity to meet other people who are working to the same objectives. I came away with some good contacts. It was good to actually talk to other people and get networking at lunch time. I also gained a better understanding of the three softwares and what they could do.
Name:Hester Kavanagh
Job Title:Energy Broker
Service(s) Provided: Business Mastermind Group, Events, Approved Suppliers
I liked the numbers that were in the room i.e. it wasn't a huge gathering, it was a room in which there was an opportunity to have a conversation with lots of different people, but also for that conversation to be a discussion at times, with a number of people, which wouldn't have worked if it was a larger crowd.
ReplyThank you so much Gerard for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the seminar had the right number of people to work. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Gerard Duggan
Job Title:Director
Service(s) Provided: Events
There were lots of interesting and quite dynamic presentations. the thing that particularly stood out for me was the opportunities around the Virtual Finance Director. I went for a whole range of things, but mainly to find out more about Virtual Finance Director and Risk Dashboard I came away with a whole range of opportunities in terms of business advisory.
ReplyThank you so much Mike for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought there were lots of interesting and dynamic presentations. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Mike O'Connor
Company:Business Advisor
Service(s) Provided: Events
It was well organised. It was a great day, well worth attending I took lots away from the event. I think I came across four business systems that will help my business a great deal, but the main thing is it will help my business as it's helping other people's businesses be better which is a win win situation all around; it will create more business for the providers and for the clients it will help.
ReplyThank you so much Charles for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the seminar well organised and was a great day. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Charles McClelland
Job Title:Business Advisor
Company:ICON Business Solutuions
Service(s) Provided: Events
The presentations were good and I also think, from a personal perspective, the people in the room were of interest to me from a business relationships standpoint. I wanted to meet some new connections and learn a bit more, and I certainly achieved that.
ReplyThank you so much Robin for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the presentations were good. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Robin Thomson
Job Title:Business Development Director
Company:Clear Insurance
Town:Leamington Spa
Service(s) Provided: Events
I came at it from a slightly different perspective to most of the attendees who were mainly business advisers, whereas we're a potential partner; it was an education for us really to see what the business model is, and what the potential is. It looked very interesting. I think the Virtual Financial Director and the Risk Dashboard looked very good. It was interesting to see both of those. I think there was some potential opportunity for us to work with Business Mastermind Groups in the future.
Name:Paul Blore
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Netmetix Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Business Mastermind Group, Events, Approved Suppliers
It was a very professional 'can do' environment and I enjoyed that. That's the best way to sum it up. It was very positive with people who had the answers to any question you may have.
ReplyThank you so much Stephen for your comments. We are delighted to hear you thought the seminar had a professional 'can do' environment and that we answered all questions. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Stephen Chaytow
Job Title:Interim Manager
Service(s) Provided: Events
Everyone who attended was very positive about the entire process. Everyone seemed to be there to get something out of it that they could use with clients etc.
ReplyThank you so much John for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the seminar was positive. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:John Greene
Job Title:CEO
Company:Investment Info Northern Ireland
Service(s) Provided: Events
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