An Opportunity to Work With Accountants And Their Clients

This event is for you if:-

• Hate the thought of cold calling
• Dislike trawling the networking meetings 
• Don’t like Battling with GDPR regulations to find prospects
• Despair at relying on others to feed you opportunities 

This event is for you if you are looking for significant increases in income and building a business that you can sell on when you step back from the fray.

This event is for you if don't want the insecurity of dramatic peaks and troughs in cash flow and workload. 

Ideally you need a stable, reliable client portfolio which delivers profitable, fee-paying growth year after year.

What if you could work with switched on Accountants who are open minded and understand the challenge that their profession faces from Making Tax Digital (MTD), cloud based intelligent accountancy packages and the advent of artificial intelligence?  All of which is estimated to reduce their day to day, bread and butter revenue streams by 80% in a few short years!

Switched on, open minded Accountants are turning to the provision of business advice to supplement and replace lost income. Find out how switched on Accountants are using AI based tools to identify issues you could be advising on. 

That is where you come in. 

“The event helped me to focus on ways in which I could easily open up new opportunities with prospects, lapsed clients and current clients".  - Alan Fisher, Business Advisor, Horsham – February 2019 

Event Title: 
Accountants and their clients need your support!
Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 09:00
Midlands, Venue to be advised
By invitation only
Ray Watson – Business Growth Advice Ltd & Guests
Who is it for?: 
Open minded and ambitious, Business Advisors, Consultants and Business Coaches
Why Attend: 
To Discover How To Grow A Systemised, Scalable, Exit Ready Business
Short description: 
A half day seminar that will give Business Advisors, Consultants and Business Coaches the background to developing a high fee earning business.