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Engagement Multiplier have a strong brand, and they're proactive at engaging. They're very efficient and effective in their communications. They give added value. As consultants and mentors we're eager to learn and to learn new things. As Engagement partners they gave us some really good tools that were really useful to our own business and not very relevant for them; It was more of thank you. Plus they pay commission quickly without having to chase. Often companies say they pay commission but you have to chase, but not with Engagement Multiplier which is great. I'm very happy. Our business has been up and down over the last two to three years. Engagement Multiplier has been very solid and growing well throughout especially more recently when they dropped the price. This has made it an easier sell and a no-brainer for our clients to use. It's a really good added value tool which creates longevity in the relationship with the client. Their free tech. trial is something that we previously didn't have but now do. We didn't have a free giveaway to entice people to work with us before so that's a useful thing.
Name:Dominic Beecheno
Service(s) Provided: Human Resources, Staff engagement tool, Business Advice, Human Resources, Staff Engagement
Engagement Multiplier's stand out points are their attention to detail, ability to keep in contact and the passion that they clearly have for the product. It reinforced and confirmed that what we're doing in terms of employee engagement was correct and helped us maintain those high levels. I'm happy with where we are with them.
Name:Ian White
Service(s) Provided: Human Resources, Staff engagement tool, Business Advice, Human Resources, Staff Engagement
I like how Alison is really positive in her approach; Every time I communicate with her she's always really helpful and nice to deal with. She's a positive person on the end of an email or the phone which I really like because I think that fits the ethos of the company. It's what I would expect from them; They engage with me which is what I would hope for from a company like that. I think the initial on boarding process was great; Steve was happy to take the time to let us ask all our questions and really explain their service to us so that's been another positive from them. I think it's got us talking more openly with each other. Offline too, in meetings we're considerate about the different viewpoints of the whole business. We're quite a small team, there's only 20 of us, but I think we do stop and consider that a bit more readily which is great. We're really serious about our culture here and getting everyone to have a voice and get aligned with the goals and vision of the company. It's given us a quarterly focus, and helped us to stop being just the management team coming up with ideas and recognising that there are lots of people in the business with great ideas as well. It's helped us a lot in that respect. Gives everyone a chance to feedback anonymously and not just to their line manager. We have got an open culture here; Our MD is very transparent but obviously not every one is comfortable in saying how they feel about things, so I think that's been really great, that it's given us that opportunity. I think as well, rather than basing decisions on feelings we've got the evidence there that the team are not happy with this, or the team are challenging us about this, so that's been really useful. I think it's a great service that Engagement Multiplier offer.
Name:Bridget Leonard
Service(s) Provided: Human Resources, Staff engagement tool, Business Advice, Human Resources, Staff Engagement
Emerson’s enthusiasm!
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Business Advice, Training
Relaxed approach and no serious role play - just what you need when dealing with a topic such as cold calling which can be uneasy/embarrassing. A huge amount of knowledge and countless useful tips. I feel so much more confident about calling our clients now.
Name:Sophie Taylor
Job Title:Sales Support
Service(s) Provided: Business Advice
Adaptability to our product
Name:Raphael Prime
Job Title:Account manager
Sector:Coffee importer
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Business Advice
Ray is very personable and had spent a lot of time researching the company to provide a tailored service
Name:Stephen Hurst
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Training, Business Advice
A calm experienced head.
Name:Hugo Spalding
Job Title:MD
Service(s) Provided: Business Advice, Training
David is thorough, committed and flexible. He provided excellent food for thought in coaching us and helping us develop our early stage strategic and sales plan for the next five years. We are very happy with what we have so far, but as for the results? We will have to wait five years and look back to see what happened!
Name:Henry Warde
Service(s) Provided: Business Advice, Training
Geofrey reviewed and then selected the best ERP system to suit our needs.
Name:Chris Oldham
Service(s) Provided: Business Advice, Training