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It works! There's no problems with NIFX; it's efficient, and friendly, and anybody I've spoken to is always very helpful. NIFX gives us a good rate of exchange; it's competitive. I think that there is a slightly better value in it for us and I like when there's someone at the end of the phone if there's a problem and they're always there which is a comfort for us. NIFX does what we need it to do and everybody is helpful and at the end of the phone if there's a question.
Name:Aine McGuinness
Job Title:Heads of Accounts
Company:Hannon Logistics Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Foreign Exchange
I like the personal touch you get with NIFX; you feel that they have got your interests at heart and that they would keep you up to date. We can also contact to see if there's anything they can help with. Working with NIFX means that we're getting the right rates for currency conversions. They're more personal than other companies.
Name:Lorraine McAleer
Job Title:Owner
Sector:Learning Toy Retailer
Company:Learning Space Belfast Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Foreign Exchange
NIFX are easy to work with and they give you a good rate. We've only used the bank so we get a better rate with NIFX so we get more money for our money.
Name:Elaine Smyth
Job Title:Account Manager
Sector:Interior Design
Company:Beaufort Interiors Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Foreign Exchange
The ease and simplicity of use is the major factor. Compared to where we were with the banks previously it's a pretty much instant transaction. We don't have to leave the office to do it and we don't have to wait for twenty four to seventy two hours. NIFX have streamlined the whole FX process which has removed the administration cost, and brought more certainty to the fluctuations of the foreign exchange market, through their advice.
Name:Barry Monaghan
Job Title:Director
Sector:Food Service Distributions for Hospitality
Company:FoodCo (NI) Ltd
Town:Belfast and Dublin
Service(s) Provided: Foreign Exchange