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I think for us the biggest thing that stood out was how useful it was to do the exercise; often we get some good feedback from our clients and we always ask them to do feedback forms, so we're used to getting good feedback, but it was good to get some things to improve on as well because that's the feedback people often don't give on a normal feedback form; they'll give the good bits but rarely the stuff to do better so that's useful for us. One of the biggest changes we made was to make me take on the role of Client Services. Before we were trying to get feedback from clients but there was no one person responsible for doing that; off the back of that feedback we restructured the business and made sure that all of our clients would get a quarterly review, and that they were made aware that, off the back of their feedback, we would be making changes to ensure they receive an even better service. If we do it again Enquir3 will be the only ones we'd go to.
Company commentEmma, thank you for your extremely positive feedback.
Name:Emma Kersey
Job Title:Head of Growth & Client Services
Company:Elation Experts
Service(s) Provided: Daniel Plowright, Client Engagement, Marketing & Sales
Enquir3 made it easy for me as a consultant to recommend the client engagement process to my clients, because of their level of understanding; the fact that they know what they're doing and they can demonstrate easily how it would benefit us. I was able to reassure my clients that Enquir3 make it really easy for them not to fail, from the ease of the system, to the ready-made templates, someone is there to hold your hand all the way. We have completed two projects so far and they have both been completely different experiences. One client already knew they had a problem but had no evidence, but as a result of their client satisfaction interviews their clients told them, and they then had to act. The customer had over-promised on customer service and knew they would be under delivering, and as a result of the client research they were able to pare back what they were promising, enabling them to focus more on their market differentiation which they can fulfill, rather than throw everything at it. The other project largely came down to customer service. They definitely knew they weren't fulfilling the needs of their clients, but they were not sure of the impact that was having on their business. This client research helped them realise how detrimental their current logistics and operational structure was, which meant these aspects were then nudged up the priority list and enabled them to have more grasp on the changes necessary. We all know the devastating effects unhappy clients can have on a business, but it helps greatly to be able to study the evidence in order to provide the solutions required to change. I specialise in strategic marketing for clients i.e. ROI, which you can't do unless you have a full understanding of why customers buy; which makes this data analysis absolutely critical. This is the key mapping tool that I need to work effectively with my clients.
Company commentFirstly Helen, thank you for taking the time to give us your valuable feedback. We’re looking forward to working with you and your clients in the future and to tailoring our service to exactly meet your needs. Helen Forsyth is Find a Creative Pro’s Strategy Director. Find a Creative Pro is a team of creative and marketing professionals with a proven history of success. Their no-nonsense approach and eye for detail ensures their client’s marketing results in increased sales. Find a Creative Pro commissioned Enquir3 to carry out engagement surveys with two clients. This process has helped Find a Creative Pro identify areas of weakness within their clients’ operations which can now be addressed. With this intelligence, Helen and her team can develop the necessary strategic marketing plans and provide an increased ROI (return on investment) to her clients.
Name:Helen Forsyth
Job Title:Strategy Director
Company:Find Creative Pro
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Client Engagement Audit, Client Engagement, Business Advice, Marketing & Sales
Fantastic Masterclass!The main thing I came away with was that, while marketing is important, we have lots of existing customers and we should spend time understanding what they want and need, and being more proactive in developing our relationships with them. I gained ideas as to how we can build our current relationship with our clients. If people have had really really bad service they'll tell you, or if they've had really really good service they'll say something, but the ones in the middle often don't bother, but if you talk to them it can be really good to get those insights. Thanks again.
Company commentThank you so much Chichi for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the seminar was fantastic. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Chichi Eruchalu
Job Title:Advisor
Company:Enterprise Nation
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Enquir3 Partners, Business Advice, Marketing & Sales
It was well organised. It was a great day, well worth attending I took lots away from the event. I think I came across four business systems that will help my business a great deal, but the main thing is it will help my business as it's helping other people's businesses be better which is a win win situation all around; it will create more business for the providers and for the clients it will help.
Company commentThank you so much Charles for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the seminar well organised and was a great day. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Charles McClelland
Job Title:Business Advisor
Company:ICON Business Solutuions
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Business Advice, Advisor Seminars
The presentations were good and I also think, from a personal perspective, the people in the room were of interest to me from a business relationships standpoint. I wanted to meet some new connections and learn a bit more, and I certainly achieved that.
Company commentThank you so much Robin for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the presentations were good. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Robin Thomson
Job Title:Business Development Director
Company:Clear Insurance
Town:Leamington Spa
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Business Advice, Advisor Seminars
It's like a partnership; Part Two have been with us since we started, they got us started really, in 2007. The fact that I deal with the owner makes them feel like a strategic partner for us and with that comes not just the design but the strategy as well, and where it sits in the market. It's not just "we'll do you a good design" but taking us forward as a business and growing. It's like a friendship; there's things I'll ask Ian's advice on. The creativity and the design is a given but to me the relationship is very strategic and very friendship orientated. Working with Part Two has benefited us tremendously; the brand is very strong, very reputable, and well regarded. Part Two have taken part in positioning ourselves as a credible brand alongside more established brands. We established ourselves in the sector very quickly. We're very well known in Northern Ireland which is down to our own work, our marketing and our PR, but also the strong brand has been instrumental in making the brand as strong as it is today. I would recommend Part Two as I would have absolute confidence that Ian would look after them in every sense. As a design house they are fantastic. As personable, friendly and strategic they are THE partner to have when you're starting your business, launching your business and trying to build your brand. They get under your skin and they really get it and what you're about. Sharon is fantastic and Sebastian is great; they're really a fantastic team. Sharon is a very personable person, very perfect for the NI customer as we don't like things too hard and sharp but we like efficiency and attention to detail but with a really nice manner and she fits that perfectly. The creative guys are up to their necks in creativity and deliverables. I would commend them all.
Company commentOur many thanks to Philip Bain - director at Shredbank - for his feedback, we are all very pleased and elated to hear what you had to say. Shredbank is a fellow Belfast-based multi-award winning company who provide on-site destruction of confidential and sensitive information and documents. We have worked with them since they started in 2007 and have really seen them grow in a greatly beneficial partnership. During our time working with the team at Shredbank we have seen them deliver an excellent service time and time again as well as receive well deserved awards from institutions such as Nectar Business, the Belfast Telegraph and the European Business Awards. They’ve truly grown into a very well established brand in Northern Ireland. We were happy to be involved in the development of your overall strategy leading to delivering award winning work.
Name:Philip Bain
Service(s) Provided: Brand Creation, Brand Development, Exhibition Design, Website Design, Design & Branding, Marketing & Sales, Website Development
It's the personal touch from Ian that really stands out. He's very attentive and works very hard on our behalf. It's given us added value; good designs mean that it sets a standard out there and gives a good impression to the client base, and within the industry. Ian's commitment to getting the job completed, and the start to finish attention to detail is excellent.
Name:Ger Connery
Job Title:CEO
Sector:Telecommunications and Analytics software
Service(s) Provided: Exhibition Design, Website Design, Design & Branding, Marketing & Sales, Website Development
I like their attention to detail; Part Two always look to try and perfect things, and I'm a stickler for details myself and I think they appreciate that from me too. There's a consistent high standard in everything they do. The branding they produce gets our product noticed on the high street. It separates us from all of our competitors, there's no question about that. We try to emulate a world class brand and with the work that Part Two produce we compete with the best of the world class brands when it comes to the quality. We don't have great experience with other companies in branding and graphic design, and those we did have experience with in the past seemed almost linear in their attitude; the guys at Part Two get things, evolve, use a concept and explore it, whereas with the others we used in the past there was one thing and that's it. It was a very closed line of thought.
Name:David Wilson
Job Title:Director
Sector:Ice Cream Manufacturer
Town:Carrick Fergus
Service(s) Provided: Brand Creation, Brand Development, Packaging Design, Website Design, Design & Branding, Marketing & Sales, Website Development
The design work was very good. The work that they've done with the brand over the last few years is what I like most about Part Two. It's helped our brand, our logo, how our brand has been perceived in the marketplace, and helped enhance it. We've been working with them for a long time.
Name:Brian Reid
Job Title:CEO
Sector:Food to Go Produccers and DIstributers
Service(s) Provided: Brand Creation, Brand Development, Packaging Design, Exhibition Design, Design & Branding, Marketing & Sales, Website Development
Part Two stand out for their creativity. We've used lots of graphic designers in the past and Part Two was the first to hit the ground running on each design and come up with something we liked. With other companies we really disliked their design. We did a complete redesign of our brand and in the very beginning we wanted to keep a real baby on the pack and Part Two came up with a cartoon character. At the time we thought it was too far to go and then we realised a year later that they were right and moved to the character. The graphics are so important to us as it's what catches the customers eye on the shelf and gets them to pick it up in the first place, so the graphics are vital to us. I've recommended them to 5 people at trade shows and would recommend them again. Sebastian is very exceptionally gifted and he's the reason we're with Part Two.
Name:Janet Cordner
Job Title:Director
Sector:Baby Hygiene Products
Service(s) Provided: Brand Creation, Brand Development, Packaging Design, Exhibition Design, Website Design, Design & Branding, Marketing & Sales, Website Development