Training takes on many different forms, it ranges from personal life coaching to training a group of people on a new skill or towards a specialist qualification.

A company 'away day' can be a brilliant opportunity for training and is also a great way to help your team relax and recharge together after hard work, long days and finished projects. They also act as a strong reward for your team for their hard work and determination on a particular successful project or general achievements.

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With skillful delivery an 'away day' can also be used to help your team bond and make new social relationships, or develop existing ones.  If your team is on the same wavelength and comfortably communicate with each other, you are in a strong position for a high performing team to drive departmental and business success.  A company 'away day' can be used as an integral part of a team development programme.

Just a few things 'away days' are good for are:

  • Staff motivation
  • Staff reward programme
  • A fun breakout session to a conference
  • Networking and developing relationships