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IRUN understand what you want and take care to make sure that they listen so that you get what you want. I have been using them for quite some time. My company has been in existence for 16 years and I've been using IRUN for half of that. They built the website all that time ago and gave me training on how to use it so I can keep it updated as you are able to access the back end yourself to make changes and keep it up to date. It's the only piece of proper marketing that we actually do. Before it was a bit clunky; It was built in 2007 so it was a bit dated, but IRUN have changed the font around and the landing page so it now seems a lot fresher and newer. It's less clunky to use. There's nothing majorly different than it was before but what they've done is get it onto a much cleaner, more modern site. I did use some others in the past but these guys are 100% better and I also find them very good value for money. When they quote for the business it's always very competitive and worth what they're going to do. It's not a case of 'is that all I got for 3K?!?'. What they say they're going to do is actually worth what the price, that's what I like about it. Daniel ran the project and got it done pretty quickly. They did it in two phases. One was a consolidation type thing to make it look better and hand holds and things like that, and the other was design. Both those phases were handled really quickly. It doesn't matter who I speak to there, they're always quick to help and if they can't deal with it they get somebody who can. They've done everything that I would expect of them. What they do is excellent so probably best to stick at what they do well. One of the things that Daniel did was to tell me to avoid the companies that say they can get you to the top of Google instantly. He explained it all to me, and said he could direct me to someone who could do that sort of work, but did I need it? cont.
Name:Stephen Yates
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:IT Cleaning
Company:IT Cleaning Ltd.
Service(s) Provided: Training, Website Hosting & Support, Copywriting, Website Development, Daniel Powright, Website Development
I've worked with Irun for about 8 years now and you always get a personal service. I've worked with other companies before, but I know with Irun that, no matter how I put it across in layman's terms, they get it; Andrew is there to take my language and communicate it with the developers in their terms to get it all done. Irun have given us the website that we had initially planned out in our heads, and then some. The timescale was really stretched out, so the fact that they waited on me for almost 2 years while we sorted out what we wanted and made changes, the patience and complete respect of them putting their work on the line for 2 years while we sorted what we wanted, and then to pick it up and then just charge with it at the end (and I understand it was a bit of a hard push at the end there to get it all done) has been really really good. There's a lot of things where I've said "This is what we need" and they've come back to say "OK, we've talked about it and what do you think of this site that does this?" They've then gone away and found a way to make it work on our site. They understood that I can't get my head around something until I've seen it working on another site, and they've found a way to do that for me. Unless you've got the capacity to imagine what you're capable of doing then you don't know. We're part of a buying group and there's been a few people who are trying to drag themselves into this century and I always point them to Irun.
Name:Tracy Surtees
Service(s) Provided: Website Hosting & Support, Website Development, Website Development
Chat Heroes is pretty unique because you can tell by the contents of the chat, that you get when they send the transcript through, that their staff care, they're trying to provide good customer service and they're being part of your team. We've been using them for a couple of years. We get to know about people who are visiting our website which we wouldn't already know and they manage to capture the details so that we can achieve a sale from it.
Company commentMany thanks Andrew for your excellent feedback on our live chat services, we are eminently grateful. Since qualifying as a solicitor in the year 2000, Andrew Simpson has undertaken a wide range of cases but now spend a majority of his time dealing with commercial property transactions as a director of Mortons Law. Mortons was established in the 19th century and currently has offices in Sunderland city centre and Seaham. All their solicitors are specialists within their chosen fields and have a wealth of experience between them so you can be sure that you have the nonpareil legal representative for your case. It’s great to be providing services to such an established and long lasting firm.
Name:Andrew Simpson
Job Title:Director
Company:Mortons Law
Service(s) Provided: Virtual Reception, Website Development
Irun have been really helpful. They've helped me to understand the site better than I did previously. I had an existing site and they've really revamped it for me . It existed but it wasn't doing anything so they've built it up and revamped. It's incorporated the opportunity to include my business partner. We've expanded the content and layout, it's much easier to navigate. What they did was basically analyse where it was gave examples as to how others were doing it, and from that we've increased the content of it quite enormously on this project. I did use a previous website developer to set it up where pretty much I had to do all of the content without much knowledge of websites; from that perspective what I had was an online brochure that did nothing, so I felt I'd created my online presence, which was important, but I had something that was worthless as a marketing tool. Working with Dan and the team I now have something which is functional and reaches out to the clients. Irun helped me rather than it being driven by me and left to me to upload all the information, and update the website; I don't necessarily have the ideas to go with it, so it was a proper service that Irun provided to help me to make use of the website. Everything we've worked on has been very clear
Name:Alison Davis
Job Title:Chatered Financial Planner
Sector:Chartered Financial Planner
Company:Mulberry Wealth
Service(s) Provided: Website Development, Daniel Powright, Jenny Smith, Website Development
It's like a partnership; Part Two have been with us since we started, they got us started really, in 2007. The fact that I deal with the owner makes them feel like a strategic partner for us and with that comes not just the design but the strategy as well, and where it sits in the market. It's not just "we'll do you a good design" but taking us forward as a business and growing. It's like a friendship; there's things I'll ask Ian's advice on. The creativity and the design is a given but to me the relationship is very strategic and very friendship orientated. Working with Part Two has benefited us tremendously; the brand is very strong, very reputable, and well regarded. Part Two have taken part in positioning ourselves as a credible brand alongside more established brands. We established ourselves in the sector very quickly. We're very well known in Northern Ireland which is down to our own work, our marketing and our PR, but also the strong brand has been instrumental in making the brand as strong as it is today. I would recommend Part Two as I would have absolute confidence that Ian would look after them in every sense. As a design house they are fantastic. As personable, friendly and strategic they are THE partner to have when you're starting your business, launching your business and trying to build your brand. They get under your skin and they really get it and what you're about. Sharon is fantastic and Sebastian is great; they're really a fantastic team. Sharon is a very personable person, very perfect for the NI customer as we don't like things too hard and sharp but we like efficiency and attention to detail but with a really nice manner and she fits that perfectly. The creative guys are up to their necks in creativity and deliverables. I would commend them all.
Company commentOur many thanks to Philip Bain - director at Shredbank - for his feedback, we are all very pleased and elated to hear what you had to say. Shredbank is a fellow Belfast-based multi-award winning company who provide on-site destruction of confidential and sensitive information and documents. We have worked with them since they started in 2007 and have really seen them grow in a greatly beneficial partnership. During our time working with the team at Shredbank we have seen them deliver an excellent service time and time again as well as receive well deserved awards from institutions such as Nectar Business, the Belfast Telegraph and the European Business Awards. They’ve truly grown into a very well established brand in Northern Ireland. We were happy to be involved in the development of your overall strategy leading to delivering award winning work.
Name:Philip Bain
Service(s) Provided: Brand Creation, Brand Development, Exhibition Design, Website Design, Design & Branding, Marketing & Sales, Website Development
It's the personal touch from Ian that really stands out. He's very attentive and works very hard on our behalf. It's given us added value; good designs mean that it sets a standard out there and gives a good impression to the client base, and within the industry. Ian's commitment to getting the job completed, and the start to finish attention to detail is excellent.
Name:Ger Connery
Job Title:CEO
Sector:Telecommunications and Analytics software
Service(s) Provided: Exhibition Design, Website Design, Design & Branding, Marketing & Sales, Website Development
The administrators who are answering the chats are fantastic and have followed our FAQ's brilliantly. handled professionally at all times giving a great customer service for members and non-members to website.
Company commentThank you for providing your valuable feedback Leanda it’s much appreciated by us at Chat Heroes. Leanda Hickman is the Marketing & Operations Manager at the Forum of Private Business, a non-profit comprehensive business support organisation committed to providing advice, support and protection to their members across the UK, 24/7. Originally founded in 1977 the Forum of Private Business is now a recognised leading authority on business issues and they have built a solid reputation in changing laws that affect small businesses and campaigning for fair treatment of businesses within the UK. We’re very pleased that our tools are able to benefit Leanda and the Forum of Private Businesses so that they are able to continue to support small UK businesses in the best way possible.
Name:Leanda Hickman
Job Title:Marketing and Operations Managers
Sector:Not for Profit
Company:Forum of Private Business
Service(s) Provided: Virtual Reception, Website Development
Allison's team are very flexible, they're really responsive to the needs of the business e.g. we wanted to do something through chat for Black Friday and they picked that up no problem.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Virtual Reception, Website Development
I like their attention to detail; Part Two always look to try and perfect things, and I'm a stickler for details myself and I think they appreciate that from me too. There's a consistent high standard in everything they do. The branding they produce gets our product noticed on the high street. It separates us from all of our competitors, there's no question about that. We try to emulate a world class brand and with the work that Part Two produce we compete with the best of the world class brands when it comes to the quality. We don't have great experience with other companies in branding and graphic design, and those we did have experience with in the past seemed almost linear in their attitude; the guys at Part Two get things, evolve, use a concept and explore it, whereas with the others we used in the past there was one thing and that's it. It was a very closed line of thought.
Name:David Wilson
Job Title:Director
Sector:Ice Cream Manufacturer
Town:Carrick Fergus
Service(s) Provided: Brand Creation, Brand Development, Packaging Design, Website Design, Design & Branding, Marketing & Sales, Website Development
The design work was very good. The work that they've done with the brand over the last few years is what I like most about Part Two. It's helped our brand, our logo, how our brand has been perceived in the marketplace, and helped enhance it. We've been working with them for a long time.
Name:Brian Reid
Job Title:CEO
Sector:Food to Go Produccers and DIstributers
Service(s) Provided: Brand Creation, Brand Development, Packaging Design, Exhibition Design, Design & Branding, Marketing & Sales, Website Development