We work with to provide an extremely cost effective and intense training programme to provide Business Advisors and Accountants with an in depth understanding of what the numbers show in a client’s financial data.

Here’s how we can support your development.

VFD Pro Managerial Finance Mastery Programme

We recommend that you sign up for the Financial Mastery Programme, where, over a period of 12 sessions, you will be introduced to VFD’s portfolio of reports and the impact that each of these will have on a business. This is Advisory gold dust!

The cost is just £1397 plus VAT and comes with a 100% money back guarantee

Financial Management for Business Owners

Alternatively join us for the Finance for Business Owners (FiMBO) programme which will give you an insight to the affects of the VFD portfolio without drilling down on the detail of each report.

One of the primary reasons businesses fail, is due to a lack of financial and managerial knowledge. The Financial Management for Business Owners Programme is for ambitious business owners and Business Advisors who want to maximise their business success to grow a successful, transferable and saleable business.

Is This for me? Discover why businesses fail and how to avoid repeating the mistakes made by others. Find out how achieving systematic growth is a marathon of small incremental improvements that are easy to achieve and which Key Performance Indicators to track and how to track them for effective management and short/long term success.

What does this cost? Nothing! It is absolutely free to all attendees for the duration of the programme

What do I get?

12 one hour sessions shared with Business Owners, Accountants and Business Advisors ( a chance establish contacts)

What don’t I get?

The supporting collateral, slide decks, presenters notes etc but we can provide these for a small fee which will be explained when you join the programme.

The Fast Track Programme

One you have completed 50% of either or both of the above we will offer you a place on our Fast Track Programme for an additional £297 plus VAT.

Again with a 100% money back guarantee

What is Fast Track all about?

Accountants want to deliver the FiMBO programme for the clients and prospects but do not have the time, ability or experience to do so. Therefore they need Business Advisors that can do this for them. A service that they are willing to pay for. In addition you get to establish a strong relationship with the Accountant and your Advisory skills are exposed to their clients and prospects.

In addition we are working with Business Support organisations to expand the opportunities for Business Advisors.

With Fast Track we will provide you with:

  • 4 workshops where you get the chance to practice your presentation
  • A full set of PowerPoint slides with associated notes for you to re-brand as your own
  • The creation of a “showreel” showing clips of you presenting elements of the FiMBO programme which you can also use on your website and promotional emails etc.
  • Membership of the VFD-Pro Academy to access all the learning and presentation materials.

Register your interest today and we will share two great E-Books with you and as an added bonus for every enquiry we get, regardless of purchase we will donate to B1G1 to help disadvantaged children.

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