Working With Accountants And Their Clients

We are passionate unlocking the untapped potential within SME's across the UK.

Do you share this passion?

Your expertise combined with a forward thinking Accountancy practice creates the right environment to realise this opportunity.

'Specialist' or 'Generalist'?

Regardless of your background you will have seen the common issues all businesses face, and they are crying out for proactive support.

Partnership with Accountants

The Accountancy sector is in a state of flux, practices are actively looking to differentiate through delivery of 'business advisory' services.

Proven demand

Our research across the Accountancy sector provide the evidence that this demand is real. Accountants need to partner with experts like you to deliver the level of service their clients are demanding. 

Are you interested?... Open minded?

Allow us to share real and recent examples and show how the combined forces of 'Accountant & Advisor' can deliver what businesses are ask for... proactive support to run a better an more profitable business.

“The event helped me to focus on ways in which I could easily open up new opportunities with prospects, lapsed clients and current clients."
Alan Fisher |Business Advisor (Horsham, February 2019)


Event Title: 
Maximising Your Opportunity To Deliver High Priced and Valued Business Advice
Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 09:00
South of England, Venue to be advised
By invitation only
Ray Watson – Business Growth Advice Ltd & Guests
Who is it for?: 
Open minded and ambitious, Business Advisors, Consultants and Business Coaches
Why Attend: 
To Discover How To Grow A Systemised, Scalable, Exit Ready Business
Short description: 
A half day seminar that will give Business Advisors, Consultants and Business Coaches the background to developing a high fee earning business.

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